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What to Do and Not to Do in Los Angeles

What to Do and Not to Do in Los Angeles

There is nothing like going to a new city.

I love exploring all the things a new city has to offer- the food, museums and people to name a few. While it's fun to wander the streets and discover new things I still crave some structure. That's just who I am. 

To save you some time and money, here is my short and sweet guide of what to do and what not to do on your trip to LA. 

Do take a trip down Rodeo Drive. Being a girl who loves luxury brands, taking a stroll down Rodeo Drive was a must. I liked this area because there were no tourist traps to be found. I loved looking at all the high-end brands and seeing the styles I loved on the runway in real life. This spot is great because it's fun, relaxing and free (that is if you don't have the shopping bug.) 



Don't splurge on mediocre meals. You can find delicious meals without spending a ton of money. There were several meals I ate in the Los Angeles area that were pretty affordable (for LA) and delicious. Ask the locals where to eat - they usually don't point you in the wrong direction. 


Do try to get tickets to your favorite show. When my group was in LA we were lucky enough to get VIP tickets to the Ellen Show! This was a favorite activity of everyone in my group. The tickets were free and it was so fun to see behind the scenes and be a part of the action! My group was even lucky enough to get invited back to her 12 Days of Giveaways! There will be more on that later. 


Don't go on a Hollywood Tour. I usually try to stay away from super touristy activities and Hollywood sightseeing tours are no exception. These tours are usually overpriced and don't add much value to your experience. Skip the tour and visit a fun museum or explore a quirky neighborhood instead. 


Do the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. While I just said that I stay away from touristy activities this one is an exception. This tour was one of the highlights of my trip. It was so cool to see the sets of your favorite movies and TV shows. Not going to lie, I was a total fan girl over the Pretty Little Liars set. You won't regret spending a little time and money on this tour. 


Have you been to LA? What things are on your must do list? 

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