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Easy Ways to Make Your Next Trip Better

Easy Ways to Make Your Next Trip Better

These three tips are incredibly simple, but extremely effective!

Don’t forget the essentials. 

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination, ready to unpack and relax, and realizing that you forgot that one thing you can’t go without. We’ve all been there. When you wake up at 4 am to catch your flight it’s easy to forget your medication, contacts or phone charger. Make this problem disappear by creating a note in your phone, taking a screenshot and making that your phone background. It might seem simple but since I started doing this early travel mornings have become a breeze. 



 Carry it on.  

Cut back on your time wasted sitting in airports by packing everything in a carry-on! This might seem daunting, but I promise it can be done. Plus there’s no chance of your luggage getting lost or damaged. If you think packing a week's worth of clothing into a carry on suitcase is impossible give packing cubes a try! They change the game. 


Don’t get hangry.  

This seems obvious but it’s easy to bring nothing but a granola bar, then scarf that down an hour in to your 12 hour travel day. And in my opinion nothing is worse than being hangry. Combine that with a long, tiring and possibly frustrating day and no one is happy. Load up on snacks and don’t get stuck paying crazy airport prices! Be wary of too much junk food. Eating nothing but chips and candy is all fun and games until your bloated and groggy, stumbling off a plane in a different time zone. 


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