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2017 Travel Roundup

2017 Travel Roundup

"If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet." - Rachel Wolchin 

A lot happened in 2017 that made for a not so great year. However, in 2017 I was able to travel more frequently than I ever have. So here is a look back on my adventures from 2017. 



Ecuador- I started off the year in Ecuador and got to cross off one of my bucket list items- standing on the equator! I also got to explore Cotacachi, which is a crater lake surrounded by mountains. It was one of the most stunning places I had ever seen. I loved being surrounded by a new hispanic culture and it sparked a desire to see more of South America. 



Sioux Falls, South Dakota - This is never a place I had any desire to go and I don't think I would jump at the chance to go back, but it was a cool experience nonetheless. It was super fun though because I got to see the Bellarmine University basketball team play in the final four! 



Savannah, Georgia - Savannah was a place I had been hoping to go for years. Not only do I share a name with this city, I also share a love of good food, friendly people and quirky history. I loved spending a few days here with my mom and I would love to go back! 



Havana, Cuba- As soon as United States citizens were able to travel into Cuba again, my family set our sights on going. My dad has restored classic cars for decades, so seeing a city full of them was a dream for him. While Cuba has a ways to go before it's infrastructure is ready to handle full blown American tourism, I found Havana enchanting nonetheless. The people were warm (so was the weather) and the culture was amazing! I would love to go back in five years and see how it has grown and changed. 



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - This city was added to my list after I started dating my boyfriend and he raved about it. We went up for a long weekend to visit his family and got to see the local perspective of Philly. I liked Philly a lot and it reminded me of a more laid back NYC. Also pretty much all of the food I had was delicious- that’s a big selling point for me. 



Los Angeles, California -  This trip was a little different because I went with a Communications class from Bellarmine.  I got to do so many amazing things and meet a ton of incredibly talented and hardworking people. This was my first time in California and it was unforgettable. You can read more about my California trip here and here.



New York City, New York- I love visiting NYC. It’s one of my favorite places and these trips are always special because I go with my mom. This was a short weekend trip, but I ate a ton of great food and got to see Anastasia on Broadway. (It was fantastic I would 10/10 recommend seeing it if you’re in NYC) 



Los Angeles, California- This trip was a little insane. Four of my friends and I jetted to LA for three days (in the middle of finals week) to sit in the audience of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. It was totally worth it. I’ll be writing a post on this experience very soon! 

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