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Brandless Review - Is it worth it?

Brandless Review - Is it worth it?

"Better Stuff, Fewer Dollars." 

That is the promise of the up and coming company, Brandless. Brandless is a company that is aiming to eliminate the "Brand Tax" that drives up the cost of products. They offer non-perishable food products, household goods and beauty items all for $3 a piece. What makes this price even better is that most of these products are Non-GMO or organic. 

First I'll go over what I ordered and then share my over all review of the company and my experience. So heres what I got: 


Organic Brownie Mix- I love brownies, so I was super excited to try this mix out! Sadly, the box came busted open when it arrived, but I was still able to use the mix. It wasn't super sugary like most boxed brownie mixes, but still really good.


Melatonin- Melatonin is melatonin anywhere you get it, but $3 for a 60 pack is a pretty good deal! I've used this a few times already and it works like a charm.


Organic Ketchup- Ketchup is one product that I think tastes so much better when it's organic. I'm not sure why or if it's in my head, but I can taste a difference. You can get a two pack of ketchup for $3 or buy just one bottle for $1.50. 


Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup- This is another item that you can split up and buy one for $1.50. This soup was super creamy and is perfectly portioned out for a meal. Since it is packaged in a box it is super easy to take it on the go to work or school for lunch. 


Vanilla Cocoa Granola- This stuff is BOMB. I'm trying to eat less super processed sweets. This granola gives me my sugar fix with just a handful and is super tasty with vanilla yogurt. 


Daily Facial Moisturizer- I love this stuff! I have pretty sensitive skin and I've been using this when I wash my face at night and in the mornings. It's gentle enough, but gets the job done. With the frigid weather we've been having in Kentucky this has been a lifesaver. 

Now, is Brandless worth it? Yes and no. A lot of the products from Brandless are a good deal and seem to be high quality. I really enjoyed all of the products I purchased and would order them all again. However, Brandless had some drawbacks for me. The first drawback is shipping. There is a $5 flat rate charge for shipping. Depending on how much you buy this could make the $3 products a little less appealing. (Just an FYI use the code "hello" for $1 shipping on your first order.)

Also I had an issue with with their packaging and customer service. The package came in and smelled like smoke as soon as I opened it. Also my box of brownie mix came busted open and in general nothing seemed to be packaged well. I sent an email to the company right away letting them know my issues and they emailed me back within 30 minutes. They refunded me for the damaged products, but didn't address the smoke smell. While I wasn't thrilled with the customer service experience, I really enjoyed the concept of the company and the products.

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